About DMT

DMT is a three branched training system that combines physical movement, emotional management and mental discipline. It’s the total package. By implementing this system, you can move from being stressed, tired, tight, and injured… to being energized, relaxed, strong, and flexible.


  1. Physical Movement


MOVEMENT TRAINING, I teach you how to release stiffness and create flexibility, balance and an ease of movement throughout your entire body. I focus with you, on specific types of Movement through your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as all your tissues.

I teach you movement skills to keep your body fluid, supple and strong.

This MOVEMENT TRAINING impacts your physical body so that you move toward feeling youthful and vital through every age and stage of life. I assist you to release chronic aches and pains, while feeling centered and connected in your body. Connecting to your body through movement assists you to improve the clarity of your mind so that you are sharp and available to organize and complete your projects without overdriving or burning yourself out.

BODYWORK is another foundation in the physical movement training. Sometimes you just can’t reach the places that need attention, or you don’t even know what is stuck.

BODYWORK unwinds physical patterns of stress that keep you stiff or in pain. I can see where your disconnects are and can help you to unwind old injuries, trauma or just plain stuck places that don’t move well. Bodywork frees you to move to your next level of mobility and freedom of movement in your body. I teach you to do your own bodywork so that you can continuously replenish and revitalize yourself. My clients learn what to do when imbalances occur, so that they can get themselves back on track and continuously replenish themselves. Being able to build resiliency and not keep burning out your body is a key to living vitally!

BREATHWORK is key in physical training. What could be more basic than breathing? We do it all day long, however, bringing conscious awareness to your breath, can boost your vitality, and open your body. The energy of your breath sustains your vital aliveness and enables you to continuously build and replenish the energy that you need to bring incredible results to your projects and your clients. I train my clients that breathing into the entire body is the key to opening up stuck places and becoming aware of the body. The breath travels through pathways that are opened up by Dynamic Mobility Training, delivering life force to every part of your structure. I guide people to increase their awareness of breathing in places that you may not think that you can breathe or move.


  1. Emotional Management

Freedom of movement in your body gives you freedom in your life.

DMT teaches fluid motion that creates an ease of movement in all your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This fluidity helps to release constant stiffness and tension that can occur from limited range of motion. This movement also allows for the flow of feeling through your body. As you gain greater alignment, strength, balance, and fluidity in your physical body, you will notice that when you feel emotions in your life (uncomfortable, anxious, sad, happy, or mad) that these feelings do not throw you off kilter. By doing the physical practices, you will discover more ease, feelings of wellbeing, and the ability to move under pressure and stress with greater mobility.


  1. Mental Agility


Increasing your freedom of movement increases your vital energy, because you can move in any shape and direction and you’re not limited to a small container of movement. Moving with freedom in your body also affects how your mind can move. When you are stuck somewhere in your body, your mind is also limited. This training improves your all-around ability to keep moving fluidly even when you encounter challenges.

The mind needs a focused direction to yield being steady, vital and fully alive as you move toward your goals. Using focused attention training, you learn to pay attention to the “now” moment and to be in the present. Reprogramming tendencies to operate in overdrive or overwhelm actually increase your productivity. Mental training teaches you how to handle challenges effectively without the high cost of wearing yourself out.

Through Dynamic Mobility Training, I train you in building your physical body, gaining greater emotional management, and mental agility! YOU CAN DO IT! The DMT System is a powerful resource to train your body and mind to be youthful, vital and fully ALIVE!

Contact Michell at 602-617-3141 to set up a complimentary 15 minute phone discovery session, to get your questions answered and see how Dynamic Mobility Training can assist you to your next level of health, vitality and feeling great!

As our bodies age, balance can become a problem, if you don’t keep working at it. Exercises of standing on one foot and other balance tricks can only help so much. Balance comes from using the whole body as a unit. Your hips, knees, legs and feet are a great part of balance. Many of us use more of the upper body to lead ourselves through the day, paying little or no attention to the power of our legs. Distributing your weight in your legs and feet, creates a steadiness and focused balance that increases your strength, stamina and confidence. I train you to increase your body confidence through increasing whole body balance.  This whole body approach to balance gives you the transference of energy needed through your body, so that every joint and muscle work as a team with each other for optimal function in your day to day movement as well as your work outs.

Stiffness and tension can occur when your shoulders get stuck forward and your hips are out of whack from being lifted on one side or pushed forward farther than the opposite side. Your body tends to freeze in this posture and chronic stiffness builds up over time. It can feel like you are living inside a case of sandpaper.  I teach you to unfreeze your body and build a balanced structure that allows pain free movement. This structural integrity also affects your ability to think clearly and feel your confidence.  When you are hunched over or stuck in an unhealthy alignment, your body signals you through pain that something isn’t right.  I help you build in an ease of movement and an ease of structure so that you enjoy living in your body.