Private Sessions

Private Session Page-

In private sessions, I help you build greater strength, agility, ease, and alignment through your body. I see your body as a whole. If you have problems with your feet, I see the links and chinks through your whole system, that are causing these imbalances, and help you move incrementally into greater balance, ease of movement, and strength.

I see where you are aligned and where your movements are functional already.
I also see where you compensate, based on trained habits and patterns that create poor alignment, injury, chronic pain, surgeries or poor exercise routines.

In your sessions, I work with you! I find out what your goals are with your body, and create a custom designed training program for YOUR UNIQUE BODY.  Utilizing the entire Dynamic Mobility Training System, I assist you in moving toward those goals, steadily, functionally, and in a balanced way. I give hand on training to help you find the adjustments you need, and give you trainings to do at home, to continue to build new habits of movement that will help you be successful in achieving your goals!

It is POSSIBLE to be free from pain, aches, and injuries, to feel great in your body, and to be truly happy in your life! It takes work, and repetition, and I am here to assist YOU.


  • In person at my studio
  • In your home (If located near Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Or Online via Skype