Replenishment Tools For You, to Handle “A Lot Going On”

When you have a lot of unexpected challenges or projects to handle, you need Energy, Stamina and Replenishment!It is no fun when you drain your energy and burn out!  In this video, I share some [...]

Replenishment Practice Soften Your Eyes

Enjoy this Replenishment audio practice to soften your eyes and relax in your whole body. Your eyes can hold a significant amount of tension for your body. As you soften them, you release the tension [...]

Replenishment Is Coming Home

Replenishment Is Coming Home I made this recording as I was guiding some clients through a Replenishment practice, to be present in their bodies. Every time you focus your attention inside your body, you turn [...]

Splash Your Way To Clarity!

Clear your mind and the stress "gunk" that gets built up in your body, with this One Minute Movement. Splash and move without being in the ocean. Get your splash on and feel RECHARGED as [...]

Love Your Body, Empower Your Body, Move With Steadiness Theme

Welcome Vital Movers! Our Current Class Theme is: Move & Breathe with Steadiness Through Your Whole Body. As you steadily connect to yourself, you Get More Done In The Balance Of Your Life!  Your steadiness [...]

Move & Breathe Yourself “ALIVE” – Do It For You!!!

Join ME for a Minute, to move and ENERGIZE your body! Too much sitting and over-thinking causes stagnation in your body which causes stagnation in your mind! You are available to fully give your energy [...]