Welcome Vital Movers!
Our Current Class Theme is:
Move & Breathe with Steadiness Through Your Whole Body.

As you steadily connect to yourself, you Get More Done In The Balance Of Your Life!  Your steadiness is your grounding that propagates your full energy and commitment to yourself.  When you are steady in your body and your focused attention, your nervous system settles and you get more done with less stress.

Build a steady connection to your body and mind, to prevent burnout.  This steady connection is like growing “roots” through your body, like a strong tree.   You are rooting inside you and through the earth, so you can bring your steadiness to your work, relationships and health.

This Love Your Body, Empower Your Body class, offers you the tools of Breath, Movement & Feeling Your Inner Connection To Your Body, to manage yourself and handle stress well.    As you build the “root network” of connections to your body, you build the roots to steadily get to your goals.

Join Michell Brown, in this Whole Body Movement Class, to connect to your body & build your internal steadiness!  The connections that you make in your body are links to handle stress well and  manage your health, work and relationships with your rooted foundation.

Join me for class on Tuesday, 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Move & Breathe to Connect To Your Body!!!


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See You In Class!!