Group Trainings

Group Training’s are small groups of 6-10 people. These training’s are a highly effective approach to fitness and body training. ¬†Each person learns from each other in this group environment.

This is a great opportunity for you can bring together a group of friends or family for a group training, or you can join a pre-existing group.

In these sessions, I guide you through body awareness, mobility training, and partner exercises.
Each group has a theme, such as releasing the shoulders, opening the hips, or full body alignment.v In the group training’s, you do both individual and partner work so that you can discover on your own and with someone else.

As you work in partnership, you build your skill of working as a team to accomplish a goal.
You get more assistance and practice by using your team and resources around you, to reach your personal fitness and health goals.

You are in a positive and encouraging environment, with others, as you move, open, align, and strengthen through your whole body.