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Move Your Ribs For Vitality And Energy

Do you ever feel stuck or stagnant around your mid section? If your mid back or upper abdomen feel tense, this rib movement can help you open the mid part of your body. When you are stuck in the middle, energy doesn’t move well through your shoulders or into your hips. Watch this video if [...]

Feel Your Body Now – Not Just When It’s In Pain

  Many of us notice our bodies when it hurts. Pain is the body’s signal to pay attention. You can also practice feeling into your body where it doesn’t hurt. This practice can assist you to become more aware of  your body. Where you can locate or feel within your body, with your attention, you [...]

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Sense your feet on the earth

Sensing your feet on the earth helps you to center yourself. It is great to do throughout a busy workday to stay present and avoid being overtaken by the chaos of the busy-ness that's happening all around you. When you are centered, you can focus, stay present and be available. https://youtu.be/csHDCawkCe0

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Sense Your Aliveness

One way to bring in Vitality through your body is to sense your Aliveness.  When  you sense into your body, all your cells respond to your focused attention on the inside.  As you connect to yourself inside, you can increase your Vital Life Force and have that vitality to put into every interaction that you [...]

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