About Michell

Hi, I’m Michell Brown! I am the founder and owner of Dynamic Mobility Training (DMT).

I teach FREEDOM – freedom to move through your body with ease, strength, and agility.

I teach you how to move from stiffness, aches and pains, to opening, aligning, and finding space through your whole system.

I created the DMT System to help train busy people how to move through their bodies, in balance, in their personal and work lives. I have spent over 3,000 hours training in body-based therapies, including Vital Energy Training and Embodied Team Leadership Trainings. I have studied Ortho Bionomy (an osteopathic-based healing system of structural balancing).

I am a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner (a system of healing from Japan which focuses on harmonizing energy pathways through the body).

I studied Chi Gung Tui Na at SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts), an ancient art form of healing and movement. I have trained in the internal martial arts of Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

I bring over 25 years of hands-on experience in mind and body development to my practice as a movement teacher. My goal is to guide clients in achieving physical well-being through ease of movement, strength and stamina, and to help increase emotional equanimity and harness mental focus.

I work with highly successful entrepreneurs and athletes, competitive amateur golfers and tour professionals.

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, where run my business, Dynamic Mobility Training.

I am the mother of two daughters, and am married to a golf FANATIC.

The key to my success in life is the amount of time I practice. I wake up and BREATHE. I breathe and I MOVE. I expand my capacity every day to inhabit and open my body, to circulate my energy, and I bring a positive, CAN DO attitude to every situation that comes into my life.

I can help you to LOVE LIVING IN YOUR BODY.

It takes effort to keep your body healthy, open, strong, and flexible.

I can help train your mind and body to find new pathways, so that you can build your vital energy and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

I look forward to meeting you and moving with you soon!

Being deeply immersed in Western and Oriental energy modalities for several years, I added SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts), where I studied Chi Gung Tui Na, an ancient art form of healing and movement and also trained in the internal martial arts of Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

I bring more than 25 years of hands-on experience in mind and body development to my practice as a movement teacher. My goal is to guide help clients achieve physical well-being through ease of movement, strength and stamina, and help to increase their emotional equanimity and harness mental focus.  Current clients include highly successful entrepreneurs and athletes, competitive amateur golfers and Tour professionals. I’m located in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I have a private practice and studio. I am the mother of two daughters, and married to a golf fanatic.

Using your Breath and Moving Through Your Entire Body are two of the foundations of my system.  BREATHWORK is one of the foundation layers of the System. What could be more basic than breathing? We do it all day long, however, bringing conscious awareness to your breath,  can boost your vitality and energy that you have to give to your clients, through the workday.  This energy boost sustains your vital aliveness and enables you to continuously build and replenish the energy that you need to bring incredible results to your projects and  your clients.

In DMT, I train my clients that breathing into the entire body is the key to opening up stuck places and becoming aware of the body. The breath travels through pathways that are opened up by this training, delivering life force to every part of your structure. I guide people to increase their awareness of breathing in places that you may not think that you can breathe or move.  Do you ever resource breathing and moving your rib cage to improve your posture? The ribcage is one of the keys to amazing alignment as well as keeping your mind open and clear.   Perhaps you don’t think about separating and elongating the spine during your day, to give you increased energy and aliveness through every cell of your body.  Fluid movement through the spine keeps you feeling young, flexibile and energetic.

Lower Body Stability | Movement Training | Self Management | BodyWork

Lower body stability is one building block. Stability comes from strong and flexible feet.  How you connect your feet to the ground gives you the stable base that you need to drop into your body and be plugged in, to your connection to the earth.  This earth connection helps you to build a strong team between your mind and body so that you are using both to generate vitality and to replenish your vital life force throughout the day.

The training gives you the pathways to connect your mind and body.  Another building block is MOVEMENT TRAINING.  In MOVEMENT TRAINING, I teach you how to release stiffness and create flexibility, balance and an ease of movement throughout your entire body. We focus on specific types of Movement through your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as all your tissues.  I teach you movement skills to keep your body fluid, supple and strong.    This MOVEMENT TRAINING impacts your physical body so that you move toward feeling youthful and vital as you age.  I assist you to release chronic aches and pains, while feeling centered and connected in your body.  Connecting to your body through movement assists you to improve the clarity of your mind so that you are sharp and available to organize and complete your projects without overdriving or burning yourself out.

SELF-MANAGEMENT skills add the next dimension of whole body training, to your program. The mind needs a focused direction to yield being steady, vital and fully alive as you move toward your goals.  Using Focused Attention Training, you learn to pay attention to the “now” moment and to be in the present. Reprogramming tendencies to operate in overdrive or overwhelm actually increase your productivity. Mental Discipline Training teaches you how to handle challenges effectively without the high cost of wearing yourself out.

BODYWORK is another foundation in my system.   Sometimes you just can’t reach the places that need attention, or you don’t even know what is stuck. BODYWORK unwinds physical patterns of stress that keep you stiff or in pain. I can see where your disconnects are and can help you to unwind old injuries, trauma or just plain stuck places that don’t move well.

Bodywork frees you to move to your next level of mobility and freedom of movement in your body.  I teach you to do your own bodywork so that you can continuously replenish and revitalize yourself.  My clients learn what to do when imbalances occur, so that they can get themselves back on track and continuously replenish themselves. Being able to build resiliency and not keep burning out your body is a key to living vitally!   Imagine……training your shoulders and

YOU CAN DO IT!  The DMT System is a powerful resource to train your body and mind to be youthful, vital and fully ALIVE!