Many of us notice our bodies when it hurts. Pain is the body’s signal to pay attention. You can also practice feeling into your body where it doesn’t hurt. This practice can assist you to become more aware of  your body.

Where you can locate or feel within your body, with your attention, you can learn to relax that area. If you learn to feel deep in your belly, for example, you can assist greater circulation to occur, improve digestion and help digestive problems to resolve. Relaxing and sensing deeply inside your belly also helps your mind to be clear. Deeply relaxing in any area positively impacts the health of your entire body through an increase in energy, stamina, alertness and overall capacity to function in your work and relationships, at a positive, high level.

You can practice feeling your belly, by first paying attention to your belly.

Put your hand on your belly. Take a few breaths, breathing into your belly and feel what is happening, without trying to change it. Just sit with it for several breaths, as if you are watching a belly movie from the inside.

Do this practice several times per day with any part of your body, your belly, a shoulder, your heart or any other part of your body that you may want to heal or improve in function. It will help you to gain awareness and the ability to feel and increase your vitality through your entire body.


Michell Brown