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Move With Freedom

What is Dynamic Mobility Training?

Dynamic Mobility Training is a system of movement that brings your into greater alignment, strength, and ease throughout your entire body. Movement is critical to feeling healthy, youthful, and to keep away pain and stiffness as you age.

We live in a culture that sits and worries for most of the day. Sitting, hunched over, doing mental gymnastics, and living in our heads, causes disconnection from the body, and stress in our lives. With Dynamic Mobility Training, you can move from being tired, wired, and feeling older than you want to feel, to being youthful, replenished and rejuvenated!

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The System

My system helps you to release stress through your hips, back, neck, shoulders and any other places in your body where you are holding onto tension.  You may have tension located in your  body that holds you tightly and you don’t even know about it.   My skill is that I can see where that tension resides and help you to release it.  I guide you to develop the pathways to have greater flexibility, less stiffness, fewer aches and pains, and feel great!  When you feel great, you can rock your life!

My game is improving and my body feels great while I’m playing golf. I don’t get so stiff or tight and I feel solid and smooth while I swing
Tom Holmes
When I came to see Michell, I was in excruciating pain and had trouble walking. Now I have much more freedom of movement and last week, walked over a mile. I’m not in pain 24 hours a day anymore and I’m starting to lose weight because I can move better
Hillary Gamerow, IT Specialist

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Mid Day Pick Me Up

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I love this quote of the week, from a client.  She has tight "corporate " influenced shoulders and low back complaints.  After her last alignment and movement session, her quote is: "I feel like this [...]

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